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News Date 3/30/2017 12:00:00 AM
complete shutdown on April 2

Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Omer Farooq & Mohamad Yasin Malik on Thursday called for a complete shutdown on April 2 to protest the proposed visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Spokesman said that calling or observing of a one day shutdown does not meet the demands of the situation but there is no other option left by the authorities. Indian Prime Minister is visiting at a time, when situation is extreme gloomy & massacres, detentions blinding continue and there seems no letup, said spokesman.

Thousands are languishing in jails and authorities are denying any space for peaceful political activities, said resistance leaders in their statement.

The Kashmir issue is not about governance, economic packages or incentives, neither it is a law & order problem, resistance leaders maintained. It is a political issue related to human society, said they. People are striving for their right to self-determination, however India is not responding and nor they honor the aspirations of suppressed people, statement said.

State is reeling under black laws like AFSPA and Indian forces enjoy impunity to kill or blind whosoever comes in their way, said they. Blaming authorities for shielding wrongdoers, resistance leaders said that in absence of any accountability, till now no accused was awarded punishment or tried under law.

Leadership while addressing to Narinder Modi, said that all rhetoric about development or constructions of tunnels and roads are futile and won’t succeed to lure us. We have presented unparalleled sacrifice and nourished the movement with pious blood.

We don’t nourish any animosity with Indian prime minister, however it is frightening & painful that instead of taking notice of genocide in state, he is awarding and rewarding assassins, said they.

Referring to disappeared persons, leadership said that it is painful that he never took interest to inquire about those disappeared in forces custody, seven thousand unmarked graves and even preferred to turn blind eye towards gruesome events of Kunan Poshpora like episodes.

Resistance leadership expressed their shock that elections are being enacted amidst continuous bloodshed. They said that elections enacted under the shadow of gun has lost its credibility and the sole aim of this drama is to mislead international community. Syed Ali Geelani, Omer Farooq and Mohamad Yasin Malik in their statement reiterated that Kashmir issue can’t be resolved through these elections as the core issue is related to aspirations and sentiments of 15 million people.  

 You must understand the fact that today the youth of Kashmir are demanding nothing except, the right to self-determination. “said leaders in their statement.

India tried its methods, deployed forces and made various efforts to lure people with construction works and development, however of no avail, said resistance leadership.

It is better to shun stubborn attitude and acknowledge realities and aspirations, said they and it will also prove positive for people in India and pave way for their overall development.

News Date 3/30/2017 12:00:00 AM
Stone pelting , tool in the hands of deprived people

Terming stone pelting as tool in the hands of deprived people, Hurriyat Conference in its statement said that stone pelting in Jammu & Kashmir has since long been used as a tool of resistance.

It is ridiculous to blame Pakistan for instigating stone pelting, said Hurriyat. Indian authorities are suffering from phobia, said Hurriyat and instead of realizing the ground realities, they unnecessarily imprecate Pakistan.

 It is outcome of the egoistic attitude of India, Hurriyat said. Accusing India of taking people of J&K for ride, spokesman said that the odd treatment for Kashmiris confirms this perception that Indian authorities take them for ride and hence the people are right when they show their resentment and anger, said Hurriyat. Spokesman, Ayaz Akbar while refuting the accusation against Pakistan and history of stone pelting, said that Kashmiri people resisted & pelted stones even against Mughal armies & Pakistan was still a dream and no more existing on map.

Referring to Quit Kashmir movement against   Dogra autocracy, spokesman said that people expressed their resentment & resorted to stone pelting as they were resisting tyrannical attitude of Dogra rulers.  

 Stone as a tool of resentment remained there even after Dogra regime was overthrown & when Indian forces occupied our state, said Ayaz Akbar.

Spokesman said that stone pelting was a measure & characteristic tool for 22 years during right to self-determination movement.

Referring to authorities in Delhi, spokesman said that they are fully aware about the modus operandi adopted during resistance movement in Jammu & Kashmir and despite all this their accusation against Pakistan depicts their frustration. Their egoistic approach is a big hurdle and they are turning blind eyes to hard realities, said spokesman.

Hurriyat spokesman said that people are left with no other option as there is no space left for peaceful political activities. People are massacred by showering bullets and pellets upon them, fundamental rights being trampled, genuine voices gaged & even mourning over dead bodies is barred, said spokesman.

In every action, there is an opposite reaction, said spokesman and added that authorities are inflicting atrocities, there by pushing people to wall. Blaming Pakistan is ridiculous, said spokesman and resentment from people is quite expected and usual.

Through this blame game, Indian authorities are desperate to mislead international community, said spokesman. It is an indigenous movement while referring to resistance movement in J&K. Spokesman said people will pursue struggle till their aspirations regarding the political destiny of state are accorded due honor and ascertained through right to self-determination.

News Date 3/29/2017 12:00:00 AM
Syed Ali Geelani paid heartfelt tributes to slain youth

Lashing at pro-Indian parties, APHC chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that they are facilitating & strengthening forced occupation and unless the people disassociate from these elections, the present state of mayhem & bloodshed will continue. In his telephonic address to mourners, Syed Ali Geelani paid heartfelt tributes to slain youth, Tawseef Ahmad Wagey & martyrs of Chadoora encounter. Referring to pro-Indian parties, he said that these parties work for the interest of Indian authorities and hence strengthen the forced occupation. It is quite strange that on one hand they are killing our budding youth and on the other, are desperate   to enact drama for their pity gains, said Syed Ali Geelani.

Syed Ali Geelani said the whole nation stand with grieved families and ridiculing Delhi groomed henchmen, said that they are shedding crocodile tears. As usual they are playing deceit, said Geelani, while referring to pro-Indian politicians. They are not sincere, said Geelani, otherwise they would have disassociated from pro-Indian politics.

India has lost its battle, said Syed Ali Geelani & through its henchmen, India is carrying its game plan. While reiterating boycott appeal for upcoming elections on April 9 & 12, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is very painful to see that those carrying the coffins of our youngsters, are extending favor and support to these pro-Indian politicians. They have no regard for their suffering community, said Geelani and they need to take care of their conscience.

These politicians don’t have any worth and hence don’t deserve our vote & support, said Syed Ali Geelani. Jail is the better place for them, said Geelani as they are involved in scandals like corruption, sex rackets, embezzlements. Soon as they get into power corridores, they promote liquor trade, narcotics and immodesty, added Geelani.

Syed Ali Geelani while referring to the huge participations of people in funeral prayers of martyrs, said that they should honor the blood of these brave hearts and never ever betray their mission.

Meanwhile on the directions of Syed Ali Geelani, a deputation comprising of district president Budgam, Tashooq Ahmad, Syed Zahoor-ul- Haq Geelani, Molana Mudasir Nadvi, Gh Mohammad Bangroo & Mukhtar Ahmad visited bereaved families of three slain youth, Zahid Rashid, Aamir Fayaz, & Ishfaq Ahmad & on behalf of Syed Ali Geelani   conveyed condolences & sympathies to these families.

Spokesman said that party leader Khalid Hussain addressed mourners in Kulgam and paid rich tributes to Shaheed Tawseef.

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